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By Ian on May 12th, 2019
Exeter rehearsal room - Brazen Sound Studios in use

We have just finished work on our new large rehearsal room in Exeter. Fully kitted out with Wharfedale active speakers, Mackie 16 channel mixing desk, Vox Nightrain 50 watt valve amp with 2x12 speaker cab, Laney LV300T 3 channel 2x12 combo, Trace Elliot bass head with 4x10 cab and a Mapex drum kit. We've even added a monitor for the drummer and somewhere to safely hang your guitars!

We just ask that you bring your own breakables.

Available from £12 per hour

Easy level load in with plenty of parking

Convenient location for Exeter close to A30 and M5

Call Ian on 07801 248570

You can book your evening rehearsal with the button above. For daytime enquiries, drum practice or non musical uses please call, contact us through Facebook or our contact form.

Where to find us

Our rehearsl studio is 8 minutes from the center of Exeter and only 23 minutes from Exmouth. Unit 2, Lower Trelake Business Park, EX4 2HF

Other Services

We've added 16 channel looms to both of our rehearsal rooms so that we can record your band rehearsal for later analysis. We can also record you live with video to help promote your band on YouTube and social media sites.

Room 2

Curently having its finishing touches applied. Room 2 is slightly smaller but still suitable for a 4 piece band. Room 2 will be available at £30 for a 3 hour session.