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Brazen Sound Studios

By Ian on Dec 30th, 2021

Brazen Sound Studios. A Purpose built music recording and rehearsal studio based in Exeter, Devon.

Owners, Ian & Shelley Poole, perform together in wedding & function band Quite Brazen

"We knew what we wanted in a rehearsal room and our dream was to create the perfect multi use creative space".

The Studio rooms were hand built by Ian and his Dad, Alan. See our blog for more information on the process used.

The studio, created by musicians for musicians, includes everything you need. PA speakers you would gig with. A desk with enough inputs for bands using the latest tech. Plenty of parking for band members and easy ground floor access. Our kitchen allows a space to chill and make a cup of tea/coffee on us.

We had a dream for our love of music and art to come together in one space, where others can will be inspired. To enhance the other local services with what we do - there is always space for more creativity in our eyes. A place for audio, live video, you-tubing, podcasting, photography, bodyart. Pretty much anything you can think of.

At Brazen Sound studios - our rooms are wired for recording.

Perhaps you want a rough recording of your rehearsal to listen to later. You could be looking to lay down the bare bones of your new EP or record a fully produced social media ready video.


Room one can be stripped out to allow other types of activity. Think life drawing, photography sessions, clowning, comedy performance practice, public speaking, teaching. You name it - we will see what is possible for you.


Professionals in sound and vision. Brazen Sound Studios specialise in LIVE video & audio services. Multi tracked and multi camera in house. Giving your project a professional, great sounding result.


Ask us about your project. We can offer advice or alternative solutions to your needs. Specialising in bands and guitar based music - we can take your sound to the next level.

We can deliver recording sessions both at the studio or on location at venues around the South West.