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Brazen Sound Studios

By Ian on May 14th, 2019

Brazen Sound Studios, based in Exeter are a purpose built band rehearsal and LIVE video recording studio owned and run by Ian & Shelley who both have a long history performing in original and function bands as well as in large scale shows and other entertainment services.

Most notably, Ian & Shelley have been performing together in their Award winning wedding & function band - Quite Brazen since 2008. We knew what we wanted in a rehearsal room and our dream was to create the perfect rehearsal space as well as being one which could also be used for our other interests as well.

The Studios were hand built by Ian & his dad Alan, they both painstakingly planned every aspect, installed the sound proofing, cut every piece of wood and lined every single wall. Working with Paul Durkin Electrical services to ensure high quality electrics on site.

The rehearsal studios were essentially created by musicians for musicians and include everything useful for a practice session. PA speakers you'd gig with. A desk with enough inputs for bands using the latest tech. Plenty of parking for band members and no stairs to trip up or down when carrying your precious equipment. Crucially, somewhere to make a cup of tea/coffee and chill out for a bit, as well as a clean WC.

I believe we've achieved that goal and managed to incorporate our other interests as well.

We had a dream for our love of music and art to come together in one space, where we could encourage others to be creative too. To enhance the other local services with what we do - there is always space for more creativity in our eyes. More places to rehearse = more bands, more music on the scene, more live music on nights out, more albums, more writing, more passionate musicians and artists. A place for audio, live video, youtubing, podcasting, photography, bodyart. Everything. We started writing our business plan back in 2018. Life had shown us that it was way too short that year and we were determined to make the most of our passions.

At Brazen Sound studios - all of our rooms are wired for recording. Whether you want a rough copy of your rehearsal to listen to later for anaylisis of your sound, a quick bare bones of your new EP or a professionally mixed live recording with video ready for Youtube - whatever you need - we can do it.

Use our studio

As well as band rehearsals and LIVE video - Our big room can be stripped out to allow other types of activity - think bodyart events (jam sessions), life drawing, all types of photography sessions, clowning lessons, comedy performance practice, public speaking, teaching, you name it - we will try to accommodate it .

Professional Videography services

At Brazen Sound Studio we specialise in LIVE video & audio services, multi tracked & multi camera in house. We also have the amazing skills of pro videographer William Smith working with us for fully produced multi shot music videos like the one for local band Haytor below. The video of Haytors track 'Sirens' was filmed at our studio before the walls were even in place! We think it is a fantastic video and awesome track.

Professional Audio Services

Working with publishing houses, we will be launching our 'Audio Book' sessions in 2020. We work with a wide range of voice actors to bring your writing to life. You may also choose to record your own book as audio for use on audible or other platforms. Recorded professionally, edited and ready for use.

We also record phone messages for corporate businesses wanting a professional sound for their customers first contact

Whatever your audio needs. We can help, just get in touch to find out what we can do for you.

Art, Bodyart & Makeup Services

Shelley is also a professional, award winning body painter and trained make up artist. Her creativity can be used for your LIVE videos (need a makeup artist to make you look your best?) or to create something really special for the front of your new album/EP? Why not work with Shelley & a local model to create a bodyart piece to make yourself stand out - something really amazing. LaFleur Bodyart

Shelley also works in mixed media and collage work - so coming up with a cool piece of original contemporary art for an EP/Album, Band poster or other types of image to print on your band merch is always something we can help you work on.