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Brazen Sound Studios - A Purpose Built band rehearsal studio, based in Exeter Devon. Built by musicians for musicians.

Passionate about creating a band practice space which we would use ourselves. We created a fully equipped, spacious, well lit and easy to access practice space. We love the results of our hard graft. Being ground floor, you will never have to worry about carrying your precious cargo up stairs.

We have been performing in bands for over 25 years so understand what is needed and appreciated.

Created for those of you who want band rehearsal nights to be easy and straightforward. Meaning you can focus more on the music and creativity.

Rehearsal Room 1

Exeter rehearsal room - Brazen Sound Studios in use

Our large studio provides you with:

Wharfedale active PA

16 channel Mackie mixing desk

Vox Nightrain 50 watt valve amp with 2x12 speaker cab

Trace Elliot bass head with 4x10 cab

Mapex drum kit

Extra amps available if required

We've even added somewhere to safely hang your guitars - far too many have fallen in active duty!

Please bring your own cymbals and sticks. Mics, leads and mic stands available if required.

You are of course welcome to bring your own equipment too if you prefer. Room 1 is available at £13 per hour. (£12ph if booking 4 hours or more).

Rehearsal Room 2

Room 2 is slightly smaller but still suitable for a 4 piece band and provides:

Wharfedale Active PA

16 channel Mixing desk

Laney guitar amp

Bass Amp and cab

Pearl Drum Kit

This room also houses a spinnet piano if you need to tinker on some keys.

As with room one. Please bring your own cymbals and sticks. Mics, leads and mic stands available if required

Bring your own equipment if preferred. Room 2 is available at £12 per hour. (£11ph if booking 4 hours or more).

Both rooms have a choice of mood lighting or bright overhead lighting.

Why book Brazen Sound Studios for your next band rehearsal?:

Quality equipment

Easy level load in

Plenty of onsite parking

Convenient location for Exeter - 8 minutes from the centre

Close to A30 and M5 links

Close to Golf Course & Local Pub

Chill out area with TV and kitchenette to make tea & coffee

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Where to find us

Our music rehearsal studio is just an 8 minute drive from the center of Exeter and only 23 minutes from Exmouth. Brazen Sound Studios, Unit 2, Lower Trelake Business Park, Tedburn Road, Whitestone, Exeter, EX4 2HF

Opening hours

Rehearsal rooms open from 5pm to 10pm Monday to Friday, 10am to 10pm Weekends. Public holidays - times may vary.

Other Services

Record your rehearsals: We've added 16 channel looms to both of our rehearsal rooms so that we can record your band rehearsal for later analysis or get the bare bones of the new EP or album down.

LIVE Video: We offer professional live recording with video to help promote your band on YouTube and social media sites. Check out our LIVE video page for more on this.

Book our rooms: Corporate, filming or photography - the list is endless - use our rooms for your own projects, they can be stripped back so it can be used for your photography needs or to teach your own classes. Get in touch, see what we can do for you.