‘W’ Album Launch | Exeter Phoenix 29 | 02 | 20

Support from Haytor & Kaizens

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Hands raised in a symbolic ‘W’ salute, Witterquick fans quickly filled the auditorium waiting in anticipation for that low bass rumble announcing the entrance of these accomplished musicians to the stage.

What started with the dream of simply writing & composing some great music, has grown into a heady mix of uplifting and catchy British rock/pop, featuring strong melodies, stunning vocals and masterful twin guitar work.

As the lights came up, a rousing intro began and Will Alford (Vocals) addressed the crowds. Tonight is a special night for the band and their fans. A celebration of 5 years of hard work and sold out tours. Their compilation album ‘W’ heralds a pivotal moment in the bands career and evolution of sound. The band have called it a memoir of their journey so far.

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Deep, solid bass resonating through the chest. Almost tribal in its ability to link the emotions of the crowd. The atmosphere electric. A stadium worthy performance, working the large stage and connecting with their audience at every turn.

Image © Brazen Sound Studios

A mix of powerful, animated performances of stand out tracks such as ‘Run’, ‘Bubblegum’, ‘I need a friend tonight’ and ‘Soldiers’ were interlaced with more intimate acoustic versions of songs such as ‘Wayward signs’ which seemed to pay a heartfelt tribute to their fans and followers. It was clear that this band feel genuinely privileged and humbled by the love projected by their audience.

A few cheeky Spice Girl Lyrics and a touch of Mr Brightside allowed further interaction and a lovely connection with the audience. New fans had the opportunity to ‘sing back’ and join in with the die hard followers. Thoughtful and touching as well as adding an element of fun.

Image © Brazen Sound Studios
Image © Brazen Sound Studios

Alluding to the power pop of the 80s with a modern and fresh twist, bringing the melodies bang up to date and with a sound all of their own. A heady mix of poetic and meaningful lyrics coupled with a sound that resonates and stays with you.

Image © Brazen Sound Studios

Witterquick are: Will Alford, Ollie Chanter, Ben Chanter & Sean Davey.

Album ‘W’ out now. Stream on spotify. Download or wait with anticipation for the limited edition white vinyl.

UK tour dates available here: http://www.witterquickband.com

Exeter rehearsal studio https://www.brazensound.studio/

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